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Coaching @Scale® System 

Our business consulting around Coaching @Scale® supports all frontline and middle managers in effectively guiding their people to higher levels of performance and contribution using the visual tools of the Talent Landscape® and Talent Architecture.  These tools encompass end-to-end talent requirements gathering, performance analytics, targeted employee feedback based on the Talent Landscape,  and the design of development programs and interventions based on insights and assessments from optimizing talent architecture. See the Exhibit below.

  • Talent requirements needed for the organization’s business strategy include the number, type, capabilities, skills, and behaviors desired of employees and aligned to specific functions, roles, and levels.  The existing Talent Architecture reveals gaps, and these inform the type, degree, and location of change desired across all existing talent.  

  • Analytics performed on organization talent management experience, probabilistic models of change, and related drivers will inform how talent makes progress in the organization. These patterns and curated best practices are processed using machine learning tools that inform Artificial Intelligence models.  Feedback @Scale® leverages the optimization and visualization capabilities of the Talent Landscape to deliver clear and directionally meaningful performance analytics.

  • Refinements to the underlying talent architecture reveal an increasingly detailed description of talent positions and associated features, enabling correspondingly more precise guidance to talent. All of the collected data above is processed in applicable large language models directed to adjustments and enhancements likely to lead to positive change.

  • Custom coaching scripts are then created by applying generative AI models leveraging current assessments, company-wide data, prior development plans, and accumulated best practices. The automated generation of these customized coaching scripts enable managers to review, refine, and then support direct coaching conversations with their team members.  As a result, Development @Scale® becomes an operational reality: moving from performance analytics to automated coaching to development results across the entire talent base.

Benefits of the Coaching @Scale® System

  • Manager inputs to a brief survey translate into the employee’s position relative to the Alignment Vector that represents management’s expectations of employee performance and potential.

  • Assessment @Scale® - Managers are provided with a visualization that supports meaningful performance coaching and advancement discussions with their team members.

  • Coaching @Scale® - Generative AI is applied to processing enterprise performance experience and results, enabling the calculation of timeframes and probabilities that can then be used to predict the performance impact of specific employee interventions.


  • Development @Scale® - The system can be applied specifically to a given team or scaled to any number of employees.  Results are automatically generated, informed by experience, and produced with both customized scripts and helpful visualizations to support effective coaching conversations that lead to large-scale development.

Coaching @Scale®

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